Travis Hyde Properties has assembled that group of partners and professionals for the project. Together we will help transform the underutilized former library site into a vibrant community asset.

TRAVIS HYDE PROPERTIES – DeveloperTravis Hyde Properties

Travis Hyde Properties is Ithaca’s premier developer with 17 local properties since 1977 including mixed-use properties Center Ithaca, Gateway Commons and Eddygate, residential properties Ravenwood and Westview Terrace, downtown commercial/office property including Gateway Center, and institutional property including the historic landmark Clinton House for the New Roots Charter School. TH is currently repurposing the Carey Building on East State Street in downtown.
In addition, the family is known for their philathropy, saving the Clinton House and historic State Theatre from certain closure, in addition to supporting more than 40 local organizations.


HOLT Architects – HOLT has 50 years of award winning, sustainable design experience working with local agencies, planners, developers and individuals addressing economic, social, institutional and housing needs of Tompkins County.

• Esther Greenhouse – Environmental gerontologist, advocate, adviser, and author championing enabling design for over 20 years. Esther’s expertise brings sensitivity to the fit between the abilities of seniors and the built worlds we create for them.
• Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects – Since 1978 TWMLA has provided creative and
comprehensive local landscape planning and design services, including the Cornell University Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center Garden.
• T.G. Miller Surveyors & Civil Engineers – For more than 40 years the firm has provided full-service
civil engineering and land surveying to clients throughout Tompkins and surrounding counties.
• Elwyn & Palmer Structural Engineers – An Ithaca-based structural and geotechnical engineering firm, with extensive experience in public and private facilities design and construction.
• Ithaca Carshare – A local not-for-profit, Carshare’s mission is to “enhance community access to transportation while reducing negative environmental and economic impacts of car use”.
• Delta Engineering – Serving the Southern Tier and NYS since 1976, Delta designs take into consideration the people that will ultimately be using the site, the community that they affect, and the impact on the surrounding environment.

In addition to this team of professionals, the development team has invited a neighbor to participate and partner in the project:
• Lifelong, Tompkins County Senior Citizens Council, Inc. – Tompkins County’s leading service organization addressing the needs of seniors since 1952 providing social, wellness, recreation, volunteer, and assistance programs to all seniors across Tompkins County.

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